Terregada Sausage

Produced in Terrassa, is a cooked sausage that is very different from the rest.

Made with pork offal, onion, tomato, garlic, almonds, stale wine, salt and black pepper, it is a completely natural sausage with no additives.

It can be eaten cold, in salads, sandwiches or with tomato bread, or fried in extra virgin oil and served on toasted bread with a dab of all-i-oli (garlic mayonnaise), or accompanied by ganxet beans, etc.

It can be found in local markets and specialist stores.

The people behind this gastronomic project are Artur Martínez, chef at the Capritx restaurant, and Xavier Casanovas, a specialist in pork products at Casanovas Selecció.

botifarra terregada