Other points of interest

1. La Creu Gran


Carrer de la Creu Gran / Garcia Humet
The "Creu Gran", sited on the monumental fountain in the middle of the square, is a replica of the original which is held in the Castell Cartoixa de Vallparadís.

It is an example of a "Calvary cross", crosses which were sited at boundaries to properties to indicate how far the right of each owner extended.

The place were it is located suggests that it marked the boundary between the municipal areas of Terrassa and Sant Pere.

The cross is decorated on both sides with plant motifs. On its front face there are depictions of  Christ crucified in the centre, the Virgin on the right arm of the cross, St John the Evangelist on the left arm, a person in a sarcophagus at Jesus' feet and a defaced relief at the top.

On the rear of the cross there is the figure of Christ enthroned in the centre and at its ends are the symbols of the four evangelists: the eagle (St John), lion (St Mark), ox (St Luke) and angel (St Matthew).
Its ornamentation and type reflect a late Gothic style.