Nova Jazz Cava

nova_jazz_cavaThe Nova Jazz Cava is the ideal venue for listening to the club’s record collection, reading specialist publications and meeting up with people.

In its fourteen years of existence from 1971 to 1985, the old Jazz Cava in Carrer Sant Quirze ran a continuous programme of events for members and to publicise the club during the week, followed by

concerts on Saturdays and Sundays each season from early October to late June. During this time it hosted around a thousand concerts, about eighty per season, and is widely recognised as having far

overcome the centralist inertia of Barcelona. Yet the main merit of the Jazz Cava was that it brought together and nurtured an affection that was both passive (the audience) and active (musicians) and which

forms the basis of what jazz in Terrassa is today.

The Nova Jazz Cava is housed in the refurbished former ballroom at the Ateneu Terrassenc, built in 1896 and listed in the city’s Special Architectural Heritage Plan. The first stage of restoration work to

ensure its stability was carried out when the square or inner courtyard at City Hall was remodelled in 1990 by building an open brickwork surround. The final refurbishment and fitting out for its new use

was completed in 1994.



Ptge. Tete Montoliu s/n

08221 Terrassa

Tel. +34 93 786 27 09

Contact person: Susanna Carmona