Natural Park Sant Llorenç del Munt

Sant Llorenç i l’Obac Natural Park is in the Catalan Pre-coastal Mountain Range that rises between the counties of El Vallès Occidental and El Bages, where it occupies around fourteen thousand hectares of land.
The landscape is rugged, with haughtly crags and original monoliths, with extensive vegetation on the mountain benches or packed into the typical depressions and narrow valleys.
Two main crest joined transversely at the Coll d’Estenalles form the whole of the natural park, stretching out from north to south and dropping  from side to side in deep, lush hollows. The highest peaks are those of La Mola (1.104 m) and El Montcau (1.056 m).

Since 1972, the massif of Sasnt Llorenç del Munt and the Obac range hae been legally connected by means of a Special Ordinance Plan developed by Barcelona Provincial Council. Amendments to the plan undertaken in 1982 and 1998 have shaped the current protected area, with has a total area of 13.694 hectares.
The Natual Areas Department of Barcelona Provincial Council manages this protected area in conjuction with the local councils that fall within its limits and with the participation of diverse involved sectors.

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