Muncunill Room

It is located inside one of the unique buildings of the city, the Vapor Amat, opened in 1986 and is managed by the Cultural Service.

It is rectangular, divided inside into two longitudinal parts, separated by cast iron pillars that hold sixteen round brick Catalan background. Muncunill experienced the lanterns on the opening laps, as illuminated alternative to the traditional

saw-tooth cover and in order to ventilate the house. Today, crystals are closed.

SalaMuncunillIt is destined to provide a space where they hold municipal exhibitions outreach while enhancing and promoting the artistic production of the city, will be consolidated over the years with increased

monitoring of programmed samples.

It has a large room with a regular program of exhibitions. Therefore, any measure you want to do is subject to space availability.

Of note that it is in the centre of the city’s cultural core surrounded by the Alegria Theatre, the Board María Plans, the Institut del Teatre and the Nova Jazz Cava.


Plaça Dido, 3

08221 Terrassa

Management: Servei de Cultura

Carrer Font Vella, 28
08221 Terrassa

Tel + 34 93 783 27 11

Contact: Susana Medina