Monuments and other sights

8. Cases de cal Maurí (1859 i 1873)

Industrial modernism

Carrer del Passeig, 4-42 / Sant Cristòfol, 24-42
This is one of the few preserved dwellings of 19th century urban workers housing and is the work of master builder Josep Fontseré.

These houses were built to provide accommodation for workers at the Vapor Gran textile factory owned by the Maurí family on the plot where the now disappeared family residence once stood.

The houses have a ground floor featuring a quarto de reixa (living room), pantry, quarto del mig (middle room), kitchen cum dining room, and a covered and shared yard. On the first floor there are two bedrooms with an alcove, a quarto del mig (middle bedroom) and an attic tucked under the roof.