Human Tower Experience

• Description: Enjoy a unique experience from within by joining a Human Towers Team rehearse session. An outstanding opportunity to live a real test from a close distance while the boldest will have the opportunity to fit a lumbar back strip or faixa and join the human tower. All dressed with a delightful taste of Terrassa gourmandises.
See you at Casa Jacint Bosch (1912), Minyons de Terrassa headquarters, a modernist building that brings you back to Terrassa’s Industrial history. Come, see and live from inside the feelings and the excitement of this traditional activity declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

• Prices: € 21 per person and 12€ for children (until 10-year-old)

• Duration: approximately 2 hours

• It includes: to live a real test from a close distance and a delightful taste of Terrassa gourmandises

• Availability: Workdays test from April to November, 20:30

• Information and bookings: booking required

* At the end you can stay to extend your meal with a quick dinner at Minyons de Terrassa Bar or enjoy dining at a nearby restaurant: Check here 
* A 10-minute walk from railway station

How to arrive?
By train:

93 789 44 56

Unique experience – Gastronomy and History – World Cultural heritage