Modernist Fair

Next edition: 8th, 9th and 10th May 2020

Everything ready to celebrate the Terrassa Modernist Fair which has become the greatest annual festival about modernism Style.

Terrassa goes back in time to reproduce the haze of  the modernist art, achitecture and industry in the final part of the XIX century and the beginning of XXth It is a very special chance to live an amazing experience through cultural events, historical recreations, traditional artcrafts, guided tours, exhibitions, music and circus shows, culinary events, activities for kids… and above all the people dressed like in XIXth century which gives an atmosphere of living 100 years ago.

Moret  than 300 activities for all kind of public, with an important atention to the families and childrens, with a lot of things to do including tradicional plays, workshops for children, XIXth century circus, storytellers, puppets…

In 2003 Terrassa’s town Hall impulsed the Modernism Style Fair with the challenge of re-living a great festival on the spring. Since then, every year the city enjoys this Fair which is a obligated date in the schedule of all year.

Modernism and Sport!
In the age of Modernism, Terrassa underwent a transformation that affected every area of life of its inhabitants. The city was a world leader in the textile industry and there was much fascination with the European Anglo-Saxon models. Economic growth and social transformations established the foundations for our modern sport, arising out of traditional games, rules and adoption of foreign events. Contemporary sport is thus the child of modernisation and industrialisation.
Come to Terrassa and enjoy the Festival of Modernism, where you’ll discover the birth of sport as we know it today.