Cultural offer

Terrassa is a city with an intense and varied cultural offer that covers all areas of artistic creation and dissemination , and takes place in adapted equipments to the current needs of cultural consumption .

CAET, Terrassa Performing Arts Center is one of three regional centers of creation, production and dissemination of performing arts that Catalonia has today.

Season of music that is developed in different facilities of Terrassa. There is an offer with different proposals designed from artistic excellence directed toward the sensitivities existing musical.

Classical music: classical music programming is presented by thematic cycles that take place throughout the year in different areas of the city considering as its main the Municipal Auditorium as well as other places such as historic spaces and public sites, civic centers and neighborhood centers

Modern music has a cycle and a pace of eference in this discipline. Nova Jazz Cava is the quintessential concert hall of Terrassa. It is the epicenter of jazz, one of the most distinctive styles in the city. Annually the Jazz Festival is celebrated in Terrassa, which has historically gathered early swords of the genre. As for the series, under the name of “Terrassae Modern Music” agglutinates a series of concerts covering various musical styles

Leisure Centers

Exhibition spaces