City Facts

Geographic location

    277 meters above sea-level
    41º 33' 40'' North
    2º 0' 29'' East

Municipal area

    70.10 km2


    North: Matadepera and Vacarisses
    East: Sabadell
    South: Rubí and Sabadell
    West: Viladecavalls, Ullastrell and Vacarisses

County: Vallès Occidental

    Judicial district: Terrassa
    Province: Barcelona
    Autonomous Region: Catalonia
    State: Spain (European Union)


    210,941 inhabitants (on 1 January 2009)
    Population of area of influence: 250,000
    Population of its county: 620,000

Distance from the main tourist attractions in Catalonia

    Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Natural Park 5 km
    Montseny Natural Park: 40 km
    Montserrat: 20 km
    Costa Brava: 100 km
    Costa Daurada: 90 km
    Pyrenees: 200 km

Distance from the main cities in Catalonia

28 km.
    Barcelona Airport (El Prat) 30 minutes by motorway.
    Port of Barcelona (Zona Franca) 30 minutes by motorway.
    Girona: 107 km
    Tarragona: 109 km
    Lleida: 138 km