Casa Alegre de Sagrera. Museum of Terrassa

It is located in the heart of Terrassa, was built in the early nineteenth century. In 1911, the architect Melchior Viñals turned it into a model home in the modern industrial bourgeoisie.

CASA ALEGRE CONCERTThe House is destined to museum since 1973 and is managed by the Management and Services of the Museum of Terrassa. Regarding the facilities, availability is subject to formal application is made by the

City Council, and visits and activities resulting from the Museum’s own programming.

It has a living room for formal events where he currently presents the murals painted by Alexandre de Riquer in 1901.The Hall is the most noble stay home with pink marble columns and three allegories

floral capitals engaged in agriculture, trade and textile industry. The glass is attached to living space which opens onto a garden which includes the space between the two wings of the house and closes the

north by a large wrought iron gate.

Of note its uniqueness as the bourgeois modernist house of Terrassa

See the regulations approved by the City Council of Terrassa  regarding the use of this space :

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* The use of the gardens of Casa Alegre de Sagrera is responsibility of “Parcs i Jardins” department

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Casa Alegre de Sagrera

Carrer Font Vella, 29-31

08221 Terrassa

Tel +34 93 739 70 72

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