Cafè Terrassa (Terrassa Coffee)

Cafè Terrassa is an awareness project that began in 2008 to publicise the principles of Fair Trade and the benefits of the “southern cooperatives”.

Terrassa and Nicaragua come together in this coffee from CECOCAFEN, the coffee cooperatives association in northern Nicaragua where it is grown with special care and affection. This organisation brings together cooperatives in the Matagalpa area and its objectives are to ensure the coffee is harvested, provide staple food and give loans to farmers to help them in their day-to-day work.

It is a fair trade coffee linking Terrassa with a coffee of origin which enables Terrassa to team up with a coffee producer cooperative.

Cafè Terrassa is part of the Café Ciutat (City Coffee) project, a campaign addressed to the general public, associations, public organisations and establishments to raise awareness about responsible coffee consumption, knowing where it comes from and fair trade conditions as part of our city.

Alternativa3 has been a fair trade organisation since 1992 which makes fair trade organic products.
Cafè Terrassa is a venture supported by Barcelona Provincial Council and Terrassa City Council and sponsored by the journalist Xavier Coral.

“Where to buy Terrassa Coffee – d’AlterNativa3 – fair trade”?
Producer :
Ctra. de Castellar,526 – contacte : 93 786 93 79
In Mercat de la Independència :
Parada nº 236 – Tel. 93 733 35 73
Also in:
Oficines Tel. 93 733 40 32
Raval de Montserrat,19 Tel. 93 788 64 07


cafe terrassa

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