Brotonera Cabbage (seasonal product)

A beautiful bright green in colour, it has a mild and very pleasant taste.

Brotons and espigalls are two parts of brotonera cabbage which appear at different stages in its growth: in October and November its shoots grow with lots of leaves (which are the brotons) while the espigalls appear before flowering in January and can be harvested until March.

They are usually eaten boiled, seasoned with a little oil or briefly sautéed accompanied by salted fresh lard or beans and potatoes.

Despite its delicate texture and flavour, brotonera cabbage stopped being grown due to the emergence of new improved varieties and production.

In 2012 the Fundació Terrassenca Sant Galderic (Sant Galderic Terrassa Foundation) and the Fundació Miquel Agustí (Miquel Agustí Foundation) started up a project which is designed to restore its former glory by growing it again on Terrassa farmland based on rigorous selection and improvement of the varieties preserved.

The recovery of this traditional variety is a slow and costly process but its benefits contribute towards the viability of local, different agriculture that is much appreciated by consumers due to the quality and freshness of its produce. It also means restoring a link through a hallmark product between the people of Terrassa and their farmers by encouraging local agriculture.

“Where to buy” Brotonera Cabbage?:

In Mercat de la Independència:

Parada nº 172-181 – Tel. 93 780 86 69
Certificació Ecològica CCPAE – Venda de Proximitat directe Generalitat de Catalunya
Parada nº 184 –188 / 206 -210 – Tel. 93 788 56 59

In Mercat de Sant Pere:

Parada nº 51 – 56 / 71 – 76 – Tel. 93 735 81 63

Also in:

* L’HEURA – Es Horts de Can Salas – Tel. 937350220
Certificació Ecològica CCPAE – Venda de Proximitat directe Generalitat de Catalunya
Carretera N-150, km 15. Direcció Hospital de Terrassa

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