Botifarra de Sant Llorenç (Sant Llorenç Catalan sausage)

Botifarra de Sant Llorenç is inspired by the geological and aromatic makeup of the mountain.

Its craft preparation means it can be chopped in two ways, either in granules or as larger pieces, thus simulating the typical layers of gravel and stone blocks on the mountain.

To give it an authentic taste and aroma, native herbs (rosemary and thyme) are used along with a touch of Ullastrell sweet wine. Its characteristic aroma is reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

This is a raw sausage ideal for making the classic el Vallès recipe of “Catalan sausage with ganxet white kidney beans” or for grilling with baked potatoes or vegetables.

“Where to buy” Sant Llorenç Catalan sausage?

In Mercat de la Independència :

Parada nº 316 – Tel. 93 780 04 78

In Mercat de Sant Pere :

Parada nº 8 – 10 – Tel. 93 735 19 80

Also in:

Oficines Tel. 93 733 40 32
Raval de Montserrat,19 Tel. 93 788 64 07
Passeig Compte d’Egara,7-11 Tel. 93 785 80 51
Nou de Sant Pere,18 Tel. 93 731 85 74
C. Prat de la Riba, 85 Tel. 93 785 83 09

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