Bandits route

A guided tour to the Collet Estret on the old road that ran from Barcelona to Manresa and crossed the Serra de l’Obac mountains. Banditry was a social phenomenon that used to be widespread in Catalonia and arose as a result of several factors. Its features, the reasons behind it and specific aspects of the lives of bandits are explained along the route. But undoubtedly the most popular, enigmatic and legendary bandit operating in the Serra de l’Obac was the one called Capablanca. Visitors will learn about the legend of this popular and feared bandit during the activity.
The route takes 3½ hours.
The starting point is Casanova de l’Obac, Ctra. de Rellinars (B-122) km 9.8.

Moderate difficulty route.
Visitors need to be used to walking because the route is between 6.5 and 7 km long.
Suitable footwear for walking and clothing appropriate for the time of year should be worn.
The Casanova de l’Obac features several exhibitions, including “The Mediterranean Landscape” and “History of the National Park”, a video room and rooms for meetings and work sessions. It also has a bar and restaurant and a car park. All the facility is adapted for disabled people.


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